Related Topics

Typcial topics of research papers include (and can be found in the call for papers):

  • Conceptual models for integrated design and delivery of value bundles (i.e. services and physical goods);
  • Formal methods for services computing / cloud computing / services science;
  • Foundation of business process modelling, integration and management;
  • Modelling languages / techniques for services;
  • Modelling of semantic services;
  • Modelling support for service integration -- within a single domain; across multiple domains; within legacy applications; etc.
  • Personalization of services;
  • Quality of service modelling;
  • Reference models for service-oriented systems;
  • Semantics of service-oriented systems;
  • Service composition planning and verification;
  • Service computing process modelling, transformation and integration;
  • Service development process modelling;
  • Service ontologies and ontology alignment;
  • Scalability, discovery of services and data in Cloud computing infrastructures;
  • User interfaces for assisted service modelling; and
  • Work-flow modelling.